There are three types of guys I've been meeting in life.
First type is those who enjoy music, literature and art, and barely know a thing or do sports.
Second type is those who play or/and enjoy sports more than music, literature and art.
And in between is the third and the rarest type.

When I was in high school, I play basketball. It had been the biggest portion of my youth. I've dated basketball boys once or twice. They were tall and sweaty and famous and all. The girls will shout and scream their names, and they will run run run and dunk dunk dunk till full time. Oh wow~ *rolling eyes*

On my 20s, I quit the sports and started to play music with friends. It's not as easy as sports you know. If strength and mental were the main elements of sports, music needs soul. Let’s say they both are contrary. Playing music has widened my horizon and also my circles of friends. I read any kinds of books, and discuss more subjects with friends. I also write a few notes about anything interested around.

Of course I've dated first type guys too. Musicians: a guitarist, a vocalist, drummers and a dancer, writers and thinkers from Marxist till Darwinist, and also a very sensitive poet.
And now I can't help but thinking how the contrary is true.

The first type guys are more sensitive. They collect CDs and mp3s. Arrange them alphabetically, make comments on their cover artworks, and mind about the bit rates. They read books or watch A Rated movies, then make reviews and put them on blog. They photoshop pictures, mind about colors and contrasts. Yadda yadda yadda. At most, the littlest details are important. Yes, they are as sensitive as that, and somehow become ego bastards.

The second type guys are all about power and competition. They jog, they eat well, they work out. They are physically and mentally strong, and forget the fact that it's ok to be weak.

I'm not saying which one is better than other, because obviously they have one thing in common: NARCISSISM. One about power, the other is mind and soul.
Here I'm just worry about the classification, and dying to meet more of the third type, the in-between`s, the ideal. I think these facts are the reasons why girls are so hard to understand men. But let me tell you, girls, DON'T MIND ABOUT THE OUTPUT, AND TRY TO ANALYZE THE INPUT. It's not about who he is, but what makes him himself. I believe that's how you can get better understanding in the future. Start now, and see what happen next.

PS: It’s kinda hard for me to make this note, because I’m trying to avoid you girls think of me as a men expert. I’m just a woman, and happened to be tired of men - the first and second type.
Now I’m with one of the in between, the ideal. Oh, yes, I’m blessed :)

Wish you all best of luck!


Being A Mom

"do they collide? i asked and u smile"

Mungkin itu arti meong-an Kit pada teman barunya, kucing kampung belang putih kuning kekunyitan. Kita sebut saja dia Kunyil.
Ya, beberapa hari ini mereka semakin sering bertemu pada waktu dan lokasi yang sama setiap harinya.
Kit akan berdiri di atas televisi ber-antena-kan garpu dengan mata berbinar dan senyum funiaw.
Kunyil, yang belum jelas jenis kelaminnya, duduk manis di atas genteng tetangga sebelah.
Terpisahkan oleh kaca jendela, mereka lebih sering diam saling menatap. Saya pun bingung, apakah monolog atau dialog yang mereka lakukan.

Untuk mendramatisir suasana, saya sebagai co-sponsor love meeting mereka kadang hanya bisa memberi dukungan berupa backsound.
Playlist mantap pun saya susun demi romansa dua sejoli ini. A Camp dan Deathcab For Cutie, hingga Seal dan Joni Mitchell.
Dan ketika mereka mengeong tanpa henti, Mariah Carey pun menetralkan suasana penuh unconditional love itu.

Namun saya merasa kejam sesekali dengan kenyataan bahwa mereka akan tetap seperti itu untuk waktu yang lama.
Saya belum mau mengambil resiko membuka jendela itu, membuka lebar kemungkinan mereka untuk bersama, entah untuk semalam saja atau selamanya.
Ya, saya seperti orang tua yang melarang anaknya berpacaran sebelum menikah.
Kit berbeda ras denganmu Kunyil, maka kamu tidak pantas untuknya.
Ya, saya seperti orang tua yang mempermasalahkan perbedaan strata sosial.

Saya pun bisa menjadi konservatif sesekali.