Piglet Beats All

The 44th hour, I ended it. The so called 'time-out'.
44 hours of wandering, rethinking, repairing, fake-smiling, fake-laughing, melting and deeper-melting, I didn't get better. Not significantly.

I thought its all about him, and about me.
I thought its all about us.
Apparently, it's all about her.

Her pose.
Her lips.
Her sun glasses.
Her hair.
Her present.
Her past.
Her existence.

(I refuse to describe her with over-valued adjectives. I'm still on denying level)

5 hours before i break the time-out off, I said yes to Pelle, and we went to rumah buku. I paid 50.000 fine (sheep) and a warning from the bookkeeper. Keep doing witty-fake-smile, I turned on to this shelf near cashier when I found a red label yellow cover book. Red label means we could only read it on spot. Maybe the owner bought it in a very high price, or from a far far far away bookstore. Or they just dont want a customer like me rent it and lost it. Or ripped it. Made a coffee stain on it. Or just ate it alive.

It's The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff, a non-sequel of The Tao of Pooh.
Benjamin Hoff trying to teach us Taoism by Piglet's character.
As we all know, Piglet is a pink pig, the very pink and best friend of Pooh and Christopher Robin, besides Tigger, Eeyore and Owl.

In Interjection session (not an Introduction), Benjamin Hoff describes the historical background and the main principle of Taoism. He also compares Taoism with Confusionism, which leads us to understand the difference in feeling between these two concepts.

I only got through few pages till interupted by Pelle, a "let's go home" call.
"wait, i have to make some notes for myself."

Quickly, i wrote a description about Te itselfs, originally translated by Benjamin Hoff from books of Tao he read. I also wrote some conversation between Piglet and him. Dialogues that shows how Piglet as a Very Small Animal reflects the Virtue in Action on Te.

I got home, tired and all.
I ate ayam penyet for dinner while missing him.
I drink coffee for a perfect closure while picturing her on my mind.

I remember the opening of the book,
"i wish..."
"i wish someone notice me.."
"..because, you know, ... most anyone notice Pooh.."

We notice you, Piglet dear.
Even if you are a Very Small Animal.
Even if you lived in a middle of a tree pole in a middle of forest in a middle of nowhere.
I notice you.

Thank you, Piglet.

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