Shouting Geronimo

Yes, it all started a week ago. I moved in to this new place, a big space for me only. Someone ditch me for someone else, so i ended up living here alone, i dont know till when. 
Its not the best place to live, yet there's a small veggies store around. (Is the veggie fresh? I dont know).
They seem to be a happy small family. The ma the pa and little daughter with rabbits (i cant figure out why they named all the rabbits with their opposites. Choco for the white rabbit. Pinky for the other black rabbit)
The owner of the house is nice to me. He gave me stove to cook. Wow.
The maid of him is a big helper too. She bought me gas and sometimes she visits just to say hi. Wow.
The only problem is the watter supply. I dont wanna tell. Its too disturbing.

My room is in the front, and mostly the window is wide open. The weird thing is, maybe the house had not been rented for so long, people always peeking into my room. Yes, its creepy, yet i make fun of it instead of got scared. Everytime they peek, i said hi, with a big smile on my face.
Most of them smile back and felt guilty a bit.

Beside the house there's this security guard. Its always crowded there, with st12 or d' massive backsounds. They seem joyful and all, and i feel save.

My regular guests are Jae, Arif and Erie. Lately Mr. Ikin visits me to take me anywhere i want to go for small fare. God bless him and his lovely wife.

The worst thing is, my monitor hates this place. The moment i moved in, its been yellow yellow and yellow. she get sick of..... whatever her problem is.
Yes, she's getting older, her pentium soul is getting worse. I dont know whether she just loves to live long or she just dont want to leave me alone. She stays on and on. She stills here, helping me get through my papers, make my day with playlist, become a media to communicate with the beloved ones.

There's been many things going on lately. I got tired. I got sick. I got problems to solve. I sometimes don't bath. But, im quite fine. Yes, im fine.
I guess..

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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