Do They Know That We Know They Know?

We met. We shook hands. We smiled.
We went home. We dreamed each other.
We might be fall for each other instantly.

We met again. We were happy.
I was with him. He was with her.
We were holding wet hands.

Me and him, we were ideal match.
Long walking, reading fictions, watching movies,
Laughed, screamed, cursed out loud,
Knowing that all the dreams we had were about to take place.

I knew none.
They might be as happy as we were.
All I know that they are long lasting.

We met again, again and again.
We knew that we fell for each other for so long.

He’s still with her.
I was on my own.
I was a broken hearted with lack of sagacity.
I was a failure, I was a dreamer.
I was a risk taker, willing to be hanged.
I was sorrowful, trying to be joyful.

We met,
The 246th meeting since our first hand shake.
I heart Roma.
He hearts yellow polo.
I was ugly.
He was weary.
I gazed deep into his round eyes.
He caressed deep into my long lost soul.

(Not) Now (But) Soon
Courtesy laughs,
Silas in Magic Car,
Blue collar shirt,
Handmade necklace,
Dreams and shit,
Kit and smell of his poop,
Football updates,
Our fiction figures,
Heels and boots,
Night and day,
Day and night,
Yes man, no man,
Love and all other catastrophes,
Soliloquy and monologue and dialogue,
Posing and capturing,
Arguing and receiving,
Understanding and denying,
Breakfast and lunch and dinner and late night meals,
Secrets and secrets,
More and more secrets.

Complexity will always ruin the pure simplicity,
Yes, we know.
Reality is suspended dreams,
Yes, we understand.
We cannot be together,
Yes, yes, yes,
We know,
We pretend we don’t know.
We pretend we know,
We don’t want to know!

We know that they know we know.
And we couldn’t careless.
We could couldn’t.

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