About A Man

Sat on a supercomfy brown couch, I was all alone. Kopi Tubruk is what I ordered. The coffee shop was full of people. Mostly they were groups of five, maximum 25. Wow. Can't imagine how to collects those people and gather round, unless it's a birthday party or a small wedding with invitations. So does these gentlefolks beside my table.

They were kind of shock seeing me alone in a crowded place. Well, it's not the first time I got those expressions.

I wasn't paying attention to them, instantly focus on my reading. The book was the worst fiction for these past few weeks. The author is Indonesian. She lives in Yogyakarta now, still writing. Based on the introduction page, all the short stories that had been published are mostly influenced by another author. He is a well known author and have had many..mmmm.. can I say, stalkers? No, followers. Hmm, no, let's say fans.

One of her short story (it's also a part of the book I read) was published on a local newspaper once, and a poet stated that there was him in hers. And to comment on that, she said: We both love the same sky, and burned by a twin thunders…

She is positively in love with him.

And according to her, she loves wrong, again and again.

(I prefer no to mention their names. This is a story about me, not them, and absolutely not a book review.)

The more I read the more I realized that the book, the stories, are her. She was really into it. The characters are her. And they all are.... scary. They were all full of love, yet they got killed by it. It got me thinking, if love is that dim and daunting, I'd rather be out of it.

The worst part is, she and the characters are so much like me. Seriously. Without the killer and the wild scents though. But, still, what are the odds of meeting fictional character that's so you? One to billions, right?

All frightening and kind of feel low about myself, I turned around my sight to the next table, when suddenly... there was Him.

Is it? I doubt myself.

The Gola shoes, checked.

The glasses, checked.

The shawl. Oh, that black shawl, so-checked!

The weird designed tee, the best one so far, checked.

It's totally him.

Short introduction, the man of the universe (that's the nick i gave to him) is totally stranger. I don't know him, like, at all. The name, the university he's in, or the place he works, the address he lives in, the email, the networking accounts, NONE.

I've just occasionally bump into him at cafe to cafe. And again, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

First I met him, it's in a cafe near campus. So, I assumed that he studies at Parahyangan too. At that time, he draws. With pencil! And the way he draws, the tip of his moving hands, so gentle and marshmallowy.

The weird thing about me, I'm always curious about how does universe work. I'm not saying that I'm superstitious, but I tried to read signs sometimes. Not that zodiac signs thingy, but signals, indications, symptoms that say and teasing: THIS WILL BE GOOD, AND THAT WILL BE BAD. YOU GO THIS WAY, NOT THAT WAY.

For example, once in the past I woke up fresh in the morning, suddenly felt like 'I have to go to bookstore today'. So I went to the bookstore, the all time favorite, second hand bookstore at Dago. I entered it, just staring around, and all of a sudden, something magical will knock my head and ear gently,


And I grabbed ONE of all thousands of book on the shelf. Headed straight home, read the book. And wonderfully, the book changes my life.

Even if you think it's weird, I chose to keep believe in it. And that's exactly what I really felt about the man of the universe. I still can't figure out WHO is he. WHAT element he will be and WHY him. Also WHEN and HOW is he going to affects me and my entire life ahead.

I know that in some part of life, it's better if we stop asking question and just let them happen. But I refuse to be that person. Life is a design, and God is the architect. Universe is the system, and all the materials inside are units that has each of their functions.

For those who believe in Big Bang theory, then all the living and the dead things in the system are all fragments, puzzle pieces of life. So we all are connected to each other somehow, and there has to be some explanation about it.

He kept staring at his notebook. The light of the monitor shined and brought Johnny Depp look into existence. If I were a stalker with a tremendous stalker skill, this spot I'd been sat is the best one.

Reading myself as a fictional character and met the man of the universe at the same time, I would love to call this as a bewildered fortunate moment. Believe me, this doesn't happen very often in life.

But then, now what should I do? What if I meet him again, let's say, soon? He's not easy to approach. He had always been together with his buddies, and I happened to be always alone.

Of course I cannot be all cheesy and just say regular Hi.

The scene I had in mind is,

The set: Coffee Shop

The time: Before sunset

The outfits: Navy tee shouts Geronimo!, the black shawl, ripped light blue jeans, casual slipper for Him.

The v neck navy wool vest/dress and MJ shoes for me.

The soundtracks: Koop

Sketching on a tiny paper, He is all alone and focused. I get excited to meet him again in accident.

I take a deep breath, then walking through him.

Now I sit next to him, look into his eyes, the not-so-beautiful ones, when he smiled.

"Hey", he says.

Remain silent around 4 seconds, and then I ask,

"Who are you?"

He cringes for a while, laughing next, surprisingly better than his eyes,

"I am Superbug, a bacterium that has become resistant to the antibiotics normally used to treat it"

Then he lit a Kretek.

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