Friday, I'm Out of Love

Blue boys shirt. It has a pocket on the left. The last button is missing. Missing in action.

The brown short. Ripped on purpose. The fly is always open. It's so important, it has forgotten.

The microphone had become a multifunction headband. It provides u heaven, also hell.

I'm all wrapped in those things, staring the banana leafs outside the window.
It's noon already.

The bass parts are half murdering, as I changed my sight to the main door. I could see the shadow of people's feets walking. And suddenly I miss your feet.
It's ugly for sure.
But it's yours.

Your brusque manner can be somewhat disturbing, but your heart is in the right place.

I miss you, love.
I'm sorry you cannot reach me.
Temporary error signals.
The phone is dead.
Also my state of mind.

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