What Do I Know?

00.40 - 01.00,
01.43 - 02.06,
03.17 - end
are the most beautiful parts of a Copeland's song, the softest outrageous moments of today.

10 AM. Eydel, Ekky, Eric left me alone mountain-ing. And here I am, in hunger of.. I don't know.
What do I know?

It's oh so bright outside, but somehow i can not manage every little things in mind. I called the fenomena as DANDELIONAID. You know dandelion. A weed with bright yellow flowers on hollow stalks that produce fluffy white seed heads. You have got dandelionaid-ed when something blows you, and suddenly you realized you got lost away. Far away, going where the wind blows.
Yes, got it, but to where?
What do I know?

..I've got my life in a suitcase and ready to run run run away..

Cling cling cling, some guy cling-ing, selling I don't know what kind of stuff.

Hey, do you have a suitcase?

No, just a bag full of craps.

Oh, it's a no then.

Hmm, how about a hug?

I don't know.
(What do I really know?)

He smiled. Surprisingly, a very nice one.

Why don't you take a walk. Let your feet take you somewhere. Anywhere.

If i go, should I return?

Do you know dandelion? When it blows, the fluffy heads are not lost. They are free. They maybe too light, but each of them have the power to go exactly where they wanted to go.

You KNEW the answer.


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